Top Biggest Wins Ever at Non UK Casinos 

In the history of non UK casinos, several lucky individuals became instant millionaires as they won a life-changing sum of money.  There are always two sides to the outcome of any game; it is either a player wins or loses.  It is worth mentioning that big winning at the casino is not frequent; it happens occasionally.  

Non UK online casinos feature progressive jackpot games where players can win massively.  These platforms also have higher deposit and withdrawal limits to accommodate VIP and high roller players.  It is also worth mentioning that some players are lucky as they win millions with a relatively small amount.  On the other hand, some players deposit a considerable amount with the hope of winning something bigger.  Whichever way you win these massive sums, it always comes with a beautiful feeling.  

These gambling sites are not registered with Gamstop as they are not licensed in the United Kingdom.  Hence, they are highly recommended for players seeking casinos not on Gamstop

Top Winnings at Non UKGC casinos 

Below are some of the massive casino winnings in the United Kingdom: 

A Lucky Librarian Won 4.5 million GBP

One lucky librarian residing in Scotland won the second-largest Jackpot in the history of Playtech.  The winner did not disclose her name; she played Jackpot Giant on her mobile device.  However, she informed the newspaper that the winning was equal to 170 years of pay.  

John Heywood Won 13.2 million on Megah Moolah 

This winning entered the Guinness Book of Record as the biggest Jackpot won at online slots.  The lucky punter is an English soldier who goes by John Heywood.  He won his final 0.25 GBP bet on Mega Moolah.  At that time, his father needed medical care requiring a significant sum of money.  His winnings remain the largest online Jackpot in UK history. 

A New Player Won 6.3 million GBP. 

Neil experienced what is called beginners luck as he won a whopping 6.3 million GBP the first time he played at an online gaming destination in the United Kingdom.  He funded his casino account with 30 GBP and used 4 GBP to play Hall of God slots.  He won 6.3 million USD in the process. 

Casumo Player Won 2.7 million GBP Mega Fortune Dreams. 

A 59-year old Casumo player won a jackpot worth 2.7 million GBP.  This massive winning left her in a state of disbelief and shock as these massive amounts added to its retirement funds.  The winner worked as a caregiver in her local village as she took care of the elderly.  


One of the ways to win jaw-dropping millions at non UK casino sites is by playing a progressive jackpot game.  Every participant of the game contributes to the Jackpot.  For instance, all participating players at Microgaming Mega Moolah contribute to a collective pot known as Mega Moolah Progressive jackpot.  A lucky winner scoops the massive amounts in the long run, while another player will have to try their luck next time.

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