Sports Arbitrage – What Does It Mean?

Sports Betting Arbitrage – Is Arbitrage Betting Profitable?

In the world of betting, an increasingly popular style of betting is sports arbitrage betting. Also known in the industry as arbing or sure bet, this style of betting is borrowed from the world of stock markets and retail sales. The promise of arbitrage betting is a surefire way to make a tidy income on betting in a similar manner that stock traders use to hedge their best across foreign global markets.

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Imagine a world where sports betting held a sure-fire guarantee that you could come out as a winner at the end of a sporting event. However, many believe that this type of betting outcome depends on one’s ability to foresee the future. Or at least have an insider in the organization that can forecast the outcome of a match or race.

What if the key to betting guarantees wasn’t in knowing the outcome, but rather calculating the odds? Welcome to the world of sports arbitrage.

Here’s the catch with surebet arb betting. You don’t have to be a betting expert. Or even have a large amount of disposable income to arb bet in the UK.

Best Betting Sites for Sports Arbitrage

We hear your question: If surebetting is 100% sure, why isn’t everyone doing it?

When it comes to arbing in the UK, many bettors don’t take advantage of this method of betting due to a lack of understanding or a fear that they are taking advantage of the system in a legally-questionable way. The bane of bookmaker’s existence, live sports arbitrage is possible – and if you do it the right way – can help you make a nice profit.

So how does sports arbitrage work, and is arb betting worth it? In this article, we will take a look at the world of arb betting. And whether or not surebets are profitable and worth your time and money.

This article will cover:

  • Arbitrage: An Economics Lesson
  • Arbitrage In Action In The Market
  • What Is Arbitrage Sports Betting?
  • What Are The Most Common Arb Best In The UK?
  • Learn The Surebet Lingo
  • How Does Sports Arbitrage Work In The UK?
  • What About Arbs & Price Boosts?
  • Can A Bookmaker Catch You Arbing?
  • Is Arbing A Profitable Way To Bet?

Sports Arbitrage : An Economics Lesson

Sometimes the best place to learn how a concept works in one realm is to go back to its origin.

You can trace the original concept of arbitrage back to stock market economics. In markets, arbitrage is the process of purchasing a security in one market while simultaneously selling that same security in another market. The goal in arbitrage is to make a profit by buying low and selling high across markets.

Arbitrage allows for traders to take advantage of the minute differences in stock share prices in various markets in real-time. The hope is that when the price drops on a security in one global market, you can buy and sell lightning-fast. Before the market change can take effect due to exchange rates being in a near-constant fluctuation.

When this happens, the price on a foreign exchange may be undervalued compared to the local exchange where the security was originally purchased. This places the trader in a position to profit over the differential as prices change.

Sports Arbitrage In Action In The Market

Arbitrage trading may seem like a complicated process. For those who have experience in buying and selling arbs they can often take advantage of a simple and low-risk trading methodology. Let’s take a look at how arbing works in the market. It can help shine a light on how to accomplish in the world of sports betting.

Consider a particular security is trading shares of stock on both the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) as well as Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index (HSI).

If the particular security share is trading at a particular rate in USD on the NYSE and at an exchange-rate impacted cost on the HSI. With the time difference and exchange rates between USA and Hong Kong, there will be a constant fluctuation of the final purchase and sales differential in a single security.

Buy and sell simultaneously in either direction. A trader can make a small profit on each share sold against the exchange rate! With one share it may seem minute, but buying and selling many can lead to a large take. Over time, this arbitrage trading can lead to a low-risk income.

Now that you have a basic understanding of how arbitrage occurs in the markets. How does this concept apply to much riskier sports betting?

What Is Sports Betting Arbitrage?

In the same way that market traders will try and hedge their best on making a profit on minute differences on buying and selling, betting experts will attempt to do the same in betting sportsbooks.

In sports arbing, bettors – also known as arbers –  attempt to cover all the possible results of a single sporting event that will ensure that they make a profitable outcome regardless of how an event plays out.

Various bookmakers holding various opinions and odds on a particular event’s probability. This creates betting exchanges similar to those in the stock market. A bettor can take advantage of those slight differences. They can stand to make a tidy profit on nearly any sporting event.

Sports arbing is the market arbitrage of the betting industry. Buy low, sell high, and make it out with a win no matter what!

Across the UK, arbitrage bets are also known as surebets, due to their guarantee that one will make profit on the process of betting for and against outcomes based on different bookmaker’s odds. Other names for surebets are miraclebets, surewins, and arbs.

What Are The Most Common Sports Arbitrage Bets In The UK?

Arbs – much like our above example of stock shares – work best when used on a binary bet. This means that there are only two possible outcomes on a single sporting event. With sportsbook arbing in the UK, there are many sporting events that draw the interest of arbers to try and win:

  • Tennis matches where there is only one winner.
  • Football matches with only one team being the winner of the match.
  • Horse racing where only one horse is the winner of a race.

Arbing has become increasingly popular in the UK. It’s due to the focus on mathematics and outcomes rather than gut-feelings and fan loyalty. In most cases, a sports arb bettor will tell you that they have little interest in the outcome of a particular match or sporting event. What matters is the differing opinions held by various UK bookmakers.

Once you grasp the concept and methodology behind surebets, you can begin your own journey into the world of arbing. And begin taking advantage of the many arb opportunities across the UK betting world.

Learning The Sports Arbitrage Lingo

To operate in the world of surebets, it is helpful to learn and master the lingo.


The first term to know is arb. The term arb refers to any arbitrage bet, particularly when used in a matched betting wager. An arb occurs when you place your wagers to cover the outcomes of varying odds on a single outcome in such a way that a small profit is guaranteed no matter how the sporting event plays out.


An arber is an entity that places arb bets on a variety of matched betting opportunities. An arber is often someone who is looking at the mathematical odds and differences in all outcomes of a sporting event. He or she will often take advantage of calculators to help them make live surebets in the UK.


Also known as a “bookie”, a bookmaker is an individual or company that sets odds and accepts bets on various sporting events. The bookmaker is responsible for payouts when the event concludes.

Betting Exchange

An alternative to bookmakers, a betting exchange is an online platform where the odds on a particular sporting event or match are set based on the exchange’s user base. Betting exchange odds fluctuate based on user bets. And many offer bet boosts and other incentives to spur on the betting odds.

Surebet Calculator

Most arbers will take advantage of software known as surebet calculators. They can quickly calculate the differentials in various odds across bookmakers. This is one of the main weapons in an arber’s arsenal. It can help them make the most mathematically-sound decision on how to cover all particular outcomes on a particular event or match.


Another tool of arbers is an oddsmatcher. Often coming in either a standalone software solution or as part of a full arber package, oddsmatchers will reduce the time and effort required to place profitable arbs by bringing multiple bookmakers and betting exchanges together into one location. This allows arbers to find the best arbs and make bets quickly – increasing their profits more quickly.


Gubbed means that a bookmaker or betting site has decided that your betting behavior is no longer profitable for their company. Typically, this leads to restrictions on your account as well as removal from any free betting offers or opportunities. Gubbed bettors may not be banned from a potential site – thus the grey-area of arbing – but can make the surebet process incredibly difficult in the long run.

There are many other terms and lingo in the world of UK arb betting. Knowing these basic concepts will help you better understand how the world of sports arbitrage can be profitable.

What Is Involved With Profitable Arbing?

Many individuals will wonder if arbing is profitable in the first place. This makes sense, as many bettors are looking to reduce their risk. They guarantee that they will come out on top in the long run.

While no gambling is 100% sure, arbing does provide an opportunity for profit for those who want to put in the time and effort to take advantage of this unique opportunity. Let’s take a look at the profitability of surebet professional betting in the UK.

Sports Arbitrage Is A Long Game

First and foremost, arbing is not a short-term win. In most cases, arbing can appear on the surface as a loss. Most sure bets rarely offer a profit over 5%. For this method to be successful for bettors, one must be willing to put in the work to develop a long-term, consistent arb betting strategy that is almost automated across various sporting events and matches.

This is where arbing falls short for many win-big bettors. The process requiring mathematical calculations and small wins of the long-term. Many are unwilling to invest the time and effort into the process when they could place a single big bet and potentially win much more, much faster.

Sports Arbitrage Depends On Your Appetite

Successful professional arbing in the UK requires you to bet multiple times per day on a variety of sporting events and matches. This will require you to be willing to stomach a bit of investment of your bankroll across a variety of calculated bets, and may push you in your comfort zone on the amount of bets you place.

On average, those who start their arb betting journey with £500+ in their betting bankroll could expect to bring in a few hundred in profits every month, depending on their strategy. Again, this is based on a variety of factors and outcomes, is not guaranteed for any surebetting. However, when done properly, arbers can enjoy the benefits of a more stable betting philosophy.

Sports Betting Arbitrage Requires You To Get Cozy With Many Bookmakers & Exchanges

With so many sports taking place globally throughout the year, the opportunity for arbitrage is actually quite common. In many cases, you can place arb bets on a variety of matches each day. Increasing the rate at which you begin to see your profits rise.

However, with arbs depending on the fast-paced world of odds differentials, you will need to ensure that you have a strong foundation built on various bookmakers and betting exchanges. Make sure that you have several accounts set up that allow you to quickly identify and place bets on arbs when available. If you have to sign up. Than connect your account.

Why? Bookmakers are looking to reduce their potential losses. This means that as they see odd movements in the betting market, they will act quickly to change their odds. They have to ensure that they don’t lose money to crafty arbers who are looking to jump on differentials.

Arbers Must Act Fast

While there are tons of surbets in live sports to take advantage of each day in the UK, they come and go fast. This means that you must begin to build a strong strategy and rhythm for how you will calculate your arbs and place you bets to ensure you come out with a profit. If you don’t act quickly, you may find that the odds change on you in real-time. This causes you to lose money rather than lock in winnings. You can increase your speed with the help of a arb calculator (see below.)

…And Slow

With surebets, taking too much of an advantage of the odds can raise the eyebrows of bookmakers or betting exchange operators. When a bookmaker begins to see that your betting behavior is costing them too much money, they will likely pull the trigger on your account and lead to your gubbing.

Arbing requires you to create a healthy rhythm. It will ensure you are hitting the best arbs fast, while not raising any red flags with bookmakers. If you push the limit on your wagers and raise suspicions, you will quickly find that your days of arbing – and betting at all – are done for good.

How Does Sports Arbitrage Work In The UK?

Once you know a bit more about the world of sports arbitrage, you will be ready to jump in. In the second half of this article, we will break down the process of arb sports betting. And whether or not the process is profitable.

Utilize A Sports Arbitrage Calculator

When it comes to succeeding as an arber, one must have the ability to quickly notice the various changes in odds across tons of different betting markets throughout the day. To keep track of various profitable arbing opportunities each day can be all-consuming, and may not be the best way to use your time!

Luckily, there are plenty of tools on the market that will help you ensure that you can keep track of the various arbs available at any given moment. And help you calculate your various odds and earning profits on each.

Using an Arb Software

Before they ever reach an arbing site, most surebet arbers in the UK will take advantage of a surebet calculator. An online calculator such as the back lay sports arbitrage calculator will allow you to place any odds and wager amounts into a digital calculator. With a simple click, you can see the amount that you must place on a sportsbetting arb in order to make a profit.

There are also online dutching software and oddsmatchers online. They will help you locate the best arbs currently available across a variety of betting markets. With the help of an oddsmatcher software, you can compare the most popular UK bookmakers and betting exchanges. It’s how you find the best arb odds for your bankroll.

The key with any tool is learning how to utilize them well. Once you know how each tool works, you can get faster at accessing them and deciding what arbs to bet on to help increase your odds of making arbing profitable for you.

Sports Arbitrage With Bookmakers & Betting Exchanges

Once you have your tools figured out, it’s time to start arbing. Once you discover the method that arbing uses to guarantee a profit on each wager, you will see why this method has continued to grow more popular.

If you look in sports betting with arbs, the most common method is to place bets to cover on both bookmakers and betting exchanges. This method is one of the most common ways to guarantee a profit on surebets.

An arber will locate an arb that they wish to wager on using their oddsmatcher or other tools. And will then calculate the wager necessary to make the profit on the arb. This will often require comparing the odds between a bookie and a betting exchange. And using the calculator to see how much must be placed to bet against (lay) the other in order to guarantee the profit.

For example, consider the following arb:

Bookmaker Odds: 2.06

Betting Exchange Odds: 2.0

Using the arbitrage calculator, you find that a bet of  £100 on the bookmaker’s 2.06 and a bet of £104.04 on the betting exchange will result in a guaranteed profit of £1.96.

How does this outcome work?

The secret to success with arbing comes in the mathematical calculations of covering both odds. Upon the completion of the event that the wagers are placed on, you will see one of two outcomes:

Bookie Wins: You win £106 at the bookmaker and lose £104.04 at the betting exchange.

Bookmaker Wins. You lose £100 at the bookie. And win £101.96 (after factoring out an average betting exchange commission of 2%) at the betting exchange.

Either way the binary bet ends up, you will win £1.96.

Now, consider the difference if you bet much larger amounts on surebets than the examples above. Consider doing this daily! You can now see how you can begin to win quite a bit of money over the long term.


Can You Make Sports Arbitrage Without An Exchange?

Depending on where you are located, you may discover that you don’t have access to betting exchanges in your country or region. Fortunately, not having access to a betting exchange doesn’t necessarily mean that arbing is impossible.

You can also engage in arbing between two different bookies. In fact, in the days before betting exchanges became popularized, this was the main way that most arbers learned the tools of the trade.

The process of arbing with two or several bookies is known as dutching. This is opposed to the concept of backing and laying when arbers will utilize betting exchanges to cover the odds.

It is easy to see how to arb using two bookmakers by considering the same odds as above. Rather than comparing the odds between a bookmaker and a betting exchange, you will quickly compare the odds between two or more bookies. You will then place your best based on the surebet calculator’s results to place your bets across the bookies.

While this process is best used for betting on binary outcome sporting matches, the same can be done with sports that end in possible draws such as football matches. Simply find arbs to dutch across three bookies – one for each win and the other for the draw. Most calculators will allow for you to add in multiple odds to discover the guaranteed profit wager point.

What About Arbs & Price Boosts?

Another way that arbers can increase their profit outcomes is through a bookmaker’s price boost. In many cases, bookies or betting exchanges will offer price boosts on wagers to increase interest among bettors. Play your cards right, and these price boosts can guarantee high winnings for arbers.

While the result may be small, the speed at which you can take advantage of price boosts can offer that little incentive to arbing with price boosts. Many beeting exchanges and bookies offer price boosts often enough that you can add another good amount of winnings to your yearly income simply by taking advantage of these boosts.

Another advantage to price boosts is the decreased risk involved with placing best on these arbs. As bookies boost prices, they are less likely to be concerned with watching out for those arbing on the price boosts. This can make these additions a great way to boost your winnings with surebets over time.

However, as we will see in the next section, abusing this process can still lead to your being flagged as an arber. And being gubbed from that bookie and many others.

Can A Bookmaker Catch You Arbing?

Bookmakers are often on the lookout for any bettors who are creating systems by which they can consistently win. After all, bookmakers make their money off the wagers that are placed – and lost – on various odds.

While bookmakers won’t usually take issue with gamblers who win as they engage in betting on a regular basis. However, they will take notice of any bettors who are engaging in arbing that ensure that they win time and again.

The main reason that bookmakers actively work against arbing is due to arber’s consistent success. As surebets consistently rake in profit, bookmakers can potentially lose quite a bit of money over time. Especially if they find themselves targeted by arbers who are good at the process.

Bookies will often work together to ensure that they are not impacted by arbers. They will set up their systems so that only those betting as recreational gamblers can engage. Often, these bookmakers will set up their processes and accounts so that they can penalize any arbers who raise suspicion. If you are caught by a bookmaker in the act of placing surebets on sports in the UK, you will often be gubbed. Or banned from placing bets with that particular bookie or betting exchanges.

When engaging in arbing, it is essential that you create methods by which you can take part in a safe and effective way.

Can You Place Surebets Without Getting Caught?

While most bookmakers and betting exchanges in the UK don’t have a surefire way to catch and prevent arbers from placing surebets, they can take notice and potentially ban any users that they believe are abusing the system. Not only can arbing lead to you being gubbed from certain bookies or sites, but these betting sources will often share information about arbers with one another and stop you from betting elsewhere.

While no method is foolproof, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you decrease the chance that you will get caught as a serial betting arbers:

Round Arb Surebets To The Next Dollar

In surebetting, you will often find that you need to place a particular wage amount in order to see the guaranteed profit that arbing can offer. However, these strange amounts can catch bookies and betting exchange’s eyes, and will may result in suspension of your account.

To avoid this outcome, consider rounding your potential arb to the next dollar to give it a nice, round number. For example, if your potential wager on a -135/+150 differential results in an even $100 on one and an uneven $69.64 on the other, this strange wager is sure to seem suspicious.

Rather than risk getting flagged, consider rounding your second bet up to a nice $70. This will help reduce the potentially suspicious amount – even if it does cost you a bit in profit.

Watch Your Deposit & Withdrawal Frequency

Another surefire suspicion for arbing is a constant movement of money for a bettor. Those who find themselves succeeding with abing may discover that they need to place increasingly more frequent deposits and withdrawals across their bankroll to cover the various arbs they have running each day.

To avoid drawing attention, avoid making constant withdrawals and deposits. Instead, rely on occasional exchanges of money in your bankroll to help you cover arbs in various betting scenarios. This could potentially limit your arbing ability, but the alternative is losing the ability to bet at all.


Don’t Shy Away From Parlay

In order to throw off the scent of a surebet-only bettor, consider engaging in the occasional parlay wager. Bookmakers are constantly on the lookout for arbers who are placing bets consistently on one style of odds or outcome. By taking part in various parlay bets and other wagers, you can give the appearance of being just another recreational gambler – and help boost your credibility.

Why risk on parlay bets? Simply because parlays are one of the most effective ways that bookies and betting exchanges make money off of bettors through odds that favor the house. Bookies know that arbers will avoid parlays like the plague. So place a few here and there to ensure that you don’t find yourself in a situation where the bookie blocks your account.

However, you can potentially lose quite a bit of money this way – so plan accordingly.

Arb With A Betting Exchange

In the same way that you should try and avoid using a single bookie, you can also decrease the chances of being caught arbing by using multiple betting exchanges. Spread your arbing efforts across different exchanges.

Vary Your Surebet Wager Sizes

Many UK arbers will try to maximize their potential earnings by placing the highest wagers that they can on their arbs. Arbing often requiring long-term betting with small winnings. It can be tempting to try and push the limits on your winnings with larger wagers.

While this will help you ensure that you win the most money, betting large sums can also ring alarm bells for sportsbooks that are looking to catch arbers in the act. Make sure that you occasionally place smaller wagers in order to throw off the scent of any bookies that are looking for arbing in their books.

Spread Out Your Arbs Through Various Bookies

Here’s the fact: bookies don’t like to be taken advantage of, and they don’t like being ganged up on. If you find that your arbing is taking place primarily through a single bookmaker, you are raising the stakes that you will be caught and gubbed from their books.

To avoid this, try to spread your arbs across many different bookmakers. While this may not be the best strategy for your bankroll, you can help reduce the chances that a particular bookie will notice you arbing through their services.

Don’t Fall Into The Small Market Trap

One betting market that arbers love to engage in is small markets such as table tennis, water polo, and table tennis. Because these sporting odds are more varied, there is much more space for arbing in these sports. While you can stand to win quite a bit of money by betting in these small markets, they can also be a sign of arbing – and you can bet that the bookies will take notice.

Make sure you don’t spend all of your betting time in small markets alone. Continue betting in large sports betting markets as well to ensure that you are taking advantage of multiple avenues – and avoiding raising suspicion.

Is Sports Arbitrage a Profitable Way To Bet?

In the world of sports betting, any process that promises to offer a guaranteed outcome may seem too good to be true. Many will argue that arbing requires too much time and effort to engage in, and that the opportunities to make a long-term profit are too few. While those who engage in arbing may find that they make small winnings after each wager, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t much to be gained by taking part in this process.

As you have seen in this article, those who understand how arbing truly works can stand to win quite a bit of money if they take the right steps and are patient with the process.

To see your surebets be profitable, you must remember these guidelines:

Arbing requires long-term investment thinking

You won’t win overnight, and you will often only notice the profits when you look back over your small wins over a long period of time.

You will need to have the right tools to arb properly.

Having a powerful arbitrage calculator and an oddsmatcher that you can monitor online will help ensure that you know exactly which odds offer the best outcomes, and where to spend your bankroll wisely.

Surebets in UK betting are based on mathematical outcomes – not gut feelings.

While you can stand to potentially win big with bets that are placed on your preferred outcome, arbing is built on the mathematical outcomes of differentials.

You must tread lightly in the arbing world.

As this method becomes increasingly popular, more bookies and betting exchanges are taking note of those engaging in arbing behaviors. The risks are high for those arbing without taking the proper precautions to ensure that they don’t raise the suspicion of a bookie.

As you engage with arbing, make sure that you are working with a variety of UK betting exchanges and bookmakers to spread out your winnings over time. The more bookmakers you have active accounts with, the more chances you will have to increase your winnings over time across different sporting events and matches.

Are Winnings From Arbs Taxed?

A major positive development in sports betting in the UK is the removal of taxes on winnings. This means that you can stand to win big without having to pay out in taxes on your arbing. However, it is essential that you take the right precautions to ensure that you are betting responsibly, and that you aren’t putting yourself in a position to have yourself gubbed from the very bookies that are helping you win.

Boost Your Arbing Success With A Surebets Software

Are you ready to experience the guaranteed winnings that are possible in the world of arbing? With the right tools and knowledge, you can take advantage of this lucrative betting strategy to build your wealth and enjoy the profits of a successful betting experience.

One of the most effective ways to boost your success with surebets is to take advantage of a modern arbing software solution. With an arbing software, you can increase your ability to pacle wagers on the best arbs with an all-in-one solution that combines oddsmatchers and an arb calculator into one easy-to-navigate dashboard. These solutions will help you increase your success as you place bets faster and more efficiently.

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