Santander Gambling Block

Santander Gambling Block

Author: Jack Reeve

Online gambling is a fun and relaxing activity for most players. However, if it gets out of control, it becomes less enjoyable and even harmful. Well, now you can use Santander to block gambling online and regain control over your finances.

Santander is among the biggest banks in the UK that recently decided to restrict all payments to online casino websites and bookmakers. Problem gamblers now have the opportunity to disable all payments to companies that are related to gambling in any way. This new feature is a way of protecting compulsive gamblers and teaching them about responsible gambling.

Understanding the Santander Gambling Block: How It Works

If you are getting worried about your gambling habits, there are a few ways to get help with Santander. First of all, if you have a credit card issued by the Santander bank, know that it will be of no use. The bank will automatically block all gambling transactions you make with it. If you own a Santander debit Mastercard, you can manually stop gambling payments in the Mobile Banking application. Another thing you can do if you have a debit or cash card is contact the bank and reduce your daily cash withdrawal limit to a maximum of £60.

How to Restrict Gambling Transactions with Santander Bank: Steps

Santander Bank offers you an easy way to block gambling-related transactions to most online casinos and sports betting websites. This is a manual process that isn’t complicated at all but requires you to follow a few important steps. Make sure to follow the guide we present below, and don’t forget that the feature is only available for MasterCard debit cards.

  • Click the “More” function in the App
  • Find “Manage cards” Option
  • Tap on ”Freeze and Manage Card” Button
  • Click on the “Block gambling Transactions Button”

What Other Banking Apps Allow To Block Gambling Transactions?

Santander is a reliable bank that takes care of its customers and makes sure to introduce the best measures to keep them safe. However, several more banking apps offer features that allow users to block gambling transactions. We did some research and found more options. Below, we list other banking applications that are known for providing gambling transaction-blocking features.

Santander Gambling Block FAQ

🔗 Can Santander block gambling sites?

Yes, Santander can block gambling sites. If you have a credit card, the bank will automatically block your gambling transaction attempts at most online casinos and bookmakers. Those who own a Mastercard debit card can manually disable all gambling payments in the Mobile Banking application.

🔗 Is it possible to use the Santander gambling block for Visa?

No, you cannot use the Santander gambling block for Visa. The feature is only available for MasterCard debit cards. You open the mobile app, click on More, and select Manage My Cards. Then click on Freeze And Manage My Card, and the gambling block will be put in place.

🔗 Can I use the Santander gambling block instead of GamStop?

Yes, you can use the Santander gambling block instead of GamStop. When you self-exclude with GamStop, you cannot reverse the action before the self-exclusion period ends. But, when adding the Santander gambling block on gambling sites without GamStop, you can request removal, and it will be completed within 48 hours.

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