What Does Responsible Gambling Mean?

Author: Jack Reeve

Meaning of Responsible Gambling

“Responsible gambling” is a statement that is being used ever more frequently by modern gaming providers, which is a good thing. Responsible gambling is a sensible philosophy to live by and it can be legally enforced, whether it’s on the footers of gaming site homepages or on television commercials. So, what do we mean when we say “responsible gambling”? We may apply the idea of responsible gambling to both the time and money we spend betting. Responsible gaming may be enforced both via our own personal habits and with the assistance of casino operators. Gambling responsibly entails exercising control over your betting and not allowing it to negatively influence other aspects of your life. Gamblers do so for a variety of reasons. Some gamble for fun, the thrill of winning, or to meet new people. All respectable gaming operators will follow a “responsible gambling” strategy, in which they actively urge players to manage their time and money responsibly.

All gaming operators in the United Kingdom are required by the UK Gambling Commission to provide facilities for responsible gambling in order to safeguard their customers’ wellbeing.
The Gambling Commission has a set of rules for operators called the LCCP (Licensed Conditions and Codes of Practice), which they must follow in order to comply with the law and the terms of their license. If you’re worried about responsible gambling, do not indulge in gambling websites not using GamStop. In the casino website footers, look for information like responsible gambling rules and any ties with these organizations.

Responsible Gambling Principles

The principles of responsible gambling may be characterized as a collection of necessary guidelines for gaming company operators with a primary focus on reducing consumer risk in order to stop gambling practices and minimize the possible harm. Responsible gambling principles are a relatively new development in the business that, in a very short amount of time, has transformed from regulator-recommended behaviour to internal market demand. There is no universal code of conduct for gambling operators; each nation, and even every individual firm, tailors its fundamental system to the ethnic and other characteristics of its customers. The precedence of particular measures is determined as a result of this. Nevertheless, in one way or another, adherence to responsible gaming principles is an integral element of the current market’s operation. In general, responsible gaming systems are designed to keep juveniles out of gambling while also attempting to keep gambling addicts from succumbing to overwhelming temptation. In practice, the idea applies to all aspects of gambling firms’ operations, from marketing to the development of a positive attitude toward gaming.

Track Your Expenses

If you are not gambling with no deposit bonuses at sites not on GamStop, you better have a record of how much money is going in and coming out of your pocket. It is very crucial for one to set themselves a spending limit in advance or have a budget rather than handling their betting life like a headless chicken. Erratic expenditure is capable of reducing one to poverty and financial crisis. There is no denying how hard it could be to keep track of the money being spent in the heat of the moment. This is primarily why it is essential to set yourself a budget. Again, the budget should leave you with enough money to cater to your normal expenses. If you happen to go through every penny in your budget, it is your signal to stop.

Limit Your Gambling Time

Setting time limits to your gambling habits are equally important. It is very natural for one to lose track of time while gambling, no matter if you are winning or losing. Putting a time limit will not only keep you away from going overboard with your expenses but also allow you to have more time to indulge in other activities and hobbies. Having a schedule is a smart way of avoiding the chances of developing a gambling addiction.

Use Gambling Blockers If Needed

Today, there is a wide range of websites and apps that can be downloaded and installed on computers and mobile phones to restrict gambling activities by actually blocking online casinos not blocked by GamStop. Some countries control gaming, while others have taken measures to set up websites that allow for the blocking of online casinos. These methods work as long as the consumers are willing to overcome their gambling addiction. Some of these apps are BetBlocker, GamBlock, Gamban, and GamStop among others. Gambling blocking systems were also created in the United Kingdom with the objective of reducing gambling-related damage in the country.

Don’t Think of Gambling as a Job

Just because you earned a few pennies from gambling should not give you the idea that you could start relying on it as a regular source of income. You should always remember that the profit of these gambling operators is always at the base of their services and even if it might seem like you are on a winning streak, in the long run, it will turn out a blank. So stick to gambling as a mode of entertainment.

Be Sober While Gambling

Emotion can be a dangerous thing and your senses are naturally heightened when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is a known fact that when one is intoxicated, their control over their rationality dissolves and you should be wary of not even considering sitting before the computer to do a little gambling.

Take Breaks to Check Reality

After every win or loss, take breaks to mellow out the adrenaline rush and not go overboard. Especially if you hit a loss, walk away and evaluate what could have possibly gone wrong, regroup and rethink and then finally return with gathered thoughts and a clear head. It is rather natural to lose perspective when gambling continuously and you should take breaks to avoid this.

Contact Special Organisation if Problem Gets Worse

There are quite a few free resources out there that you can approach if you feel your gambling problem is getting out of hand. Gam-anon, Gamcare, BeGambleAware, and Gamblers Anonymous are just a few examples. Besides these, you can always approach psychotherapy, support groups, and prescribed medications.

Responsible Gambling FAQs

❓ How to treat gambling responsibly?

First and foremost, treat gambling as a means of entertainment and not a way of life. There are plenty of other rules that you must abide by to gamble responsibly. There are some regulations that you can put upon yourself like, setting up a spending and time limit in advance, not gambling when depressed or upset, creating a balance in life, and educating yourself on responsible gambling.

❓ Are there places to check more info about responsible gambling?

It is always a good thing to be educated about Every respectable casino that has a page dedicated to responsible gambling as a means of showing that they do care about their regular punters. Furthermore, more information about responsible gambling can be found or accessed on anonymous gambling forums and GamCare forums.

❓ What to do if I continue to gamble?

Despite the regulations and monitoring if you continue to gamble, it is best if you try gambling blockers or approach special institutions. Psychotherapy, medication, and support groups are the three major approaches to address gambling issues. Cognitive-behavioural therapy and behaviour therapy assists a person to discover and alter unhealthy cognitive processes that contribute to and sustain a gambling addiction.

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