Responsible Gambling Tools

Responsible Gambling Tools

Author: Jack Reeve

Online gambling is so popular because it offers countless opportunities to win real money while keeping you entertained the entire time. To keep your online wagering fun and enjoyable, you can rely on responsible gambling tools designed to act as your safety net.

These tools include a wide variety of options that you can use to keep yourself safe, including spending limits, time limits, and account deactivation. This review explores exactly what responsible gambling tools you can access and how they can improve your wagering experience. So, if you want to learn more about all your options, keep reading!

Internal Responsible Gambling Tools

Internal responsible gambling tools are features a casino operator provides for your safe gaming experience. These are built-in player-protection options, meaning you don’t need to download any apps or register elsewhere for these tools. You only need to contact the casino’s customer support to set one of the limits. Here are the tools readily available at most sites:

Loss Limit

The loss limit tool is relatively straightforward. This tool requires you to pick out the maximum amount of money you’d be willing to lose during a day, week, or month. You can choose between recommended limits or set your own. Once you hit that limit, the operator prevents you from placing more bets.

Deposit Limit

The deposit limit is nearly identical to the loss limit tool, with one significant difference – you don’t base the restriction on the loss amount but rather the deposit amount. Once you set the limit, you won’t be able to spend more than that amount, even if you reach it within a day or two.

Budget Calculator

Keeping track of how much money you’ve deposited, won, and lost at online gambling sites can be tedious and complicated. Instead of worrying about comparing these numbers, you can activate the budget calculator tool and let it calculate your expenses and wins on the online casino site. You can set the dates for which you want to make calculations.


Self-exclusion is the last-ditch solution for many online players, aside from account deletion, as it prevents you from accessing your gambling site account for an extended period. Once you activate it, you won’t be able to place any wagers or withdraw your previous winnings until the period you chose, typically around six months, ends and you request to stop the exclusion.

Reality Checks

Modern online casinos are designed to keep you entertained, so it is easy to lose track of time when playing your favourite games. Reality checks benefit all players, reminding you how much time you’ve spent playing casino games. A reality check does not restrict access to your account, so you must do that yourself once you reach your limit.

Time Out

Time out works on the same basis as self-exclusion, except it doesn’t prevent you from accessing your account for a long time. Instead, you can activate the time out and stop yourself from placing bets for a few hours, a whole day, and even up to a week. You can still withdraw your winnings but can’t place new wagers.

Cooling-off Period

The cooling-off period is the same tool as a time-out. You pick a period during which you want to be unable to place bets at your casino, and the operator enforces that for you. Whether that’s during your working hours or perhaps during the weekend is a choice that you get to make.


Self-assessment is a tool that enables you to get an objective insight into your gambling journey and if you need to take a step back. The casino provides a survey you need to fill out honestly. Once you do so, the survey will tell you if you need a break from gambling and even suggest a responsible gambling tool.

Affordability Check

Affordability checks occur during your registration process at licenced online casinos. As a part of the KYC procedure, the operator will ask you to provide proof of income to verify that you can afford to place bets on that particular casino site. These checks protect you from spending beyond your means, and they protect the casino operator from fraudulent customers.

Gambling Blockers

While the internal responsible gambling tools are helpful, they are not nearly as effective as the external gambling blockers available to British bettors. Currently, players can choose between a few different gaming blockers if they want assistance in their gaming adventure. Here are the blockers we consider best after our detailed reviews:


Gamban is one of the most effective and far-reaching blocking software solutions since it includes all gambling platforms, casinos, and bookies available to British punters. If you aren’t sure that Gamban is the right choice as a responsible gambling tool, you can always take advantage of the 7-day free trial period.


BetBlocker is an app that allows you to protect yourself or your loved ones from gambling sites entirely for free. Installing it takes about 2 minutes, and you won’t need to register to explore its services. The app runs in the background of your device, so you won’t have to activate it manually. There are over 8,300 banned sites in its registry.

Net Nanny

Net Nanny is software that controls your time online and oversees the websites you access. It can also function as a casino site blocker. Net Nanny isn’t limited to one device only, so if you want to ensure that all of the devices in the household are included, you can do so.


Gamblock is an app with a singular purpose – to prevent you from accessing gambling platforms, regardless of whether you prefer using desktop or mobile devices. Whether you use a desktop or mobile browser or even an app to access the platform, Gamblock will block you from accessing it for a particular price.


Self-exclusion programs are designed to prevent you from accessing all land-based or online gambling sites for a specific period of your choosing. If you lean more towards land-based gambling, then SENSE is the right choice for you, whereas GamStop is the solution for online gambling. Here’s more on both these options:

Land-based Self-Exclusion (SENSE)

SENSE is a national self-exclusion program that all licenced land-based casinos have to offer their customers. To activate SENSE, you must go to a local licenced casino or contact it via phone or email and request that you be included in the national registry. Once you do that, you will not be able to play at any legitimate casino.

Online Self-Exclusion (GamStop)

GamStop is a far-reaching online self-exclusion program that all online gambling sites, including casinos and sportsbooks, licenced by the UKGC have to include. While you can access specific non-GamStop gambling sites, they are all offshore options. If you activate GamStop, no UK-based legitimate gambling platform will be available for the set timeframe.

Transaction Blockers

If you want to nip the problem in the bud, activating a gambling transaction block is an excellent place to start. Every money service that enables transactions at online and land-based casinos gives you the option to block certain transfers. So, you can add online and land-based casinos and bookies to the list of banned transactions to prevent deposits.


Banks have strict restrictions and regulations, especially regarding online money transfers. Many banks will ask you to give formal consent before they complete payment on an online casino site, so instead of giving that permission, you can just request that they block any attempts at money transfers at gambling sites.


E-wallets are more modern and user-friendly than banks, but their restrictions are equally as strict. If you add online casinos and bookies to the list of blocked transaction destinations, your e-wallet app will prevent you from completing a deposit. The e-wallets that allow these options include PayPal, Skrill, and other popular options.

Tools for Responsible Gambling: Common Questions

✔️ Are responsible gambling tools free?

That depends on the gambling tool you choose. While most responsible gambling tools offer players free services, some require you to pay a certain subscription or one-time fee to use their services. GamBan and Gamblock are two popular options you have to pay to be able to install.

✔️ What responsible gambling tool is the most effective?

Gamban and GamStop are the two responsible gambling tools that stand out as the most effective options you can use. They provide comprehensive protection from casinos and sports betting sites alike, so you won’t be able to circumvent their restrictions and bet.

✔️ Do all operators provide tools for responsible gaming?

Most of them do. The operators licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and other regulatory bodies that are similarly reputable always include built-in responsible gambling tools that you can find on their platforms. The number of tools available and the level of protection they offer you can vary, so choose carefully.

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