How to Get Around PokerStars Self-Exclusion?

How to Remove PokerStars Self-Exclusion

Author: Jack Reeve

The choice of taking a break from online gambling when in doubt is sometimes necessary. PokerStars is committed to allowing their customer to exclude themselves at their discretion. Essentially, responsible gaming is a feature the casino brand is committed to having available for its members.

The self-exclusion restricts any form of access to online casino games. Obviously, punters want to return to gambling, seeing that the self-exclusion activation was a wrong move. Now, getting around GamStop becomes the next hurdle they’d have to overcome. There are poker sites for GamStop customers ready to offer you their services.

1. Sign Up at PokerStars alternatives

Signing up at PokerStars alternative is an excellent way to remove PokerStars self-exclusion. These alternatives are non GamStop gambling sites with easy verification. They do not require ID identification before you are allowed in. You would be given unlimited access to play online games as much as possible. Here are the top-notch casino operators without PokerStars self-exclusion:

2. Try second user account at

Alternatively, attempting to access the site with a new and fresh identity is ideal. Ensure that the information of your new account doesn’t correlate to the former account. Interestingly, these are alternative poker sites that do not require verification. The system can’t flag you or restrict any form of access.

3. Choose Crypto Payments to Avoid PokerStars Self-Exclusion

Crypto is a credible payment channel. It is super-fast and has lots of merits. Essentially, there are no records of identification except addresses that are made of numbers and alphabets. Here is the reality, using this payment channel to fund your account would give you access to online gaming. A smart way to get past self-exclusion.

4. Wait for PokerStar Self-Exclusion Period to Expire

The last way to get past GamStop exclusion is to wait it out. Once the self-exclusion expires, you would be able to visit customer support to reactivate your account. For punters who are not in haste, this is a valid option. Most times, the self-exclusion duration activated is six months.

Getting Around PokerStars Exclusion: FAQ

🃏 Is there a simple way to avoid PokerStars self-exclusion?

No, there isn’t a simple way to avoid PokerStars self-exclusion because PokerStars is on GamStop. However, the steps mentioned above are very valid if you intend to get past your self-exclusion. We did thorough research and carefully put together these steps. They require a little effort here and there. Also, they are quite easy to follow.

🃏 How can I know if my PokerStars self-exclusion period is over?

Contact the customer support team. The support team is readily available to assist you in situations like this. Also, when the self-exclusion is over, the customer team would help you get your account active again. Once you appeal, it takes 24 hours to get your account back to gaming online games.

🃏 What are the effective ways to bypass the PokerStars GamStop exclusion?

There are several ways to get off GamStop scheme. Seeking alternatives to PokerStars is an effective way to bypass your self-exclusion. Signing up with a different account at PokerStars, selecting crypto payments, and waiting for the self-exclusion to expire are other valid ways to bypass GamStop.

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