Non UK Casinos that Have Closed

It is not uncommon for businesses to close down, especially when a company goes through a financial crisis. Also, many firms are forced to close down due to their inability to cope with stiff competition. In the gaming industry, many non UK sites have closed down for one reason or another. This article examines some of these closed gambling sites and possible reasons for their closure. 

Non UK online casinos are gambling sites without UK license. In other words, they are not regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission; this makes them a non UK site. They come with a plethora of benefits; that is why many UK players seek to register on these platforms. However, it is unfortunate that some of these gambling sites had to opt out of business due to stiffer competition or any other reasons known to them. 

These casino sites do not block Gamstop users because they are not affiliated with the scheme due to the license status. It is compulsory for all online gaming destinations regulated by the UKGC to partner with this scheme. Players registered with this scheme can only access casinos not on Gamstop. This is why Gamstop users are always looking for the best offshore casino site without UK license.  

Why would a gambling site decide to stop its operation? The section below looks at some reasons behind the closure of non UK casino sites. 

Reasons For The Closure of Non UKGC Gambling Sites 

Many online casinos are forced out of business because they treat their customers poorly. How does this lead to closure? Gamers will prefer to play at an online casino that offers excellent services, including effective customer services fair and rewarding games, among others. A gambling site stops making money when players avoid it due to poor-quality services and treatments. Once a business is no longer generating revenues, it will close down.  

Casino welcome bonuses are another factor that could cause an operator to cease operation. Several gambling sites have closed down because they could not afford what they offer. In other words, there is no proper balance in what the operators offer their customers. They might be too conservative, thereby offering unattractive bonuses to players. This makes players drift towards their competitors. Apart from that, the operator might also offer too generous bonuses that are more than their financial capacity. Both errors can lead to the closure of a gambling site.  

Finally, the success or failure of casino sites is also dependent on their entertainment level, which has to do with the games they offer. Many gamers look for a specific slot game or software because they have experienced luck playing the game in the past. A gambling site must provide a complete catalog of top-quality games to attract players. 


As explained above, non UK casino sites closed down for several reasons, including poor quality services, bonus errors, and lack of high-quality games. Also, it is essential to invest in a high-quality license; this way, they can gain the confidence of top payment and software companies.

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