Myths About Non UK Casinos

One of the attributes of most experienced gamblers is their ability to differentiate facts from myths. Knowing the truth about non UK gambling sites will enable maximize your chances and have a thrilling gaming experience.  

No doubt, there are some misinformation about online gambling. Believing such lies may deprive you of the pleasure and excitement that comes with casino games. This article debunked some common myths about non UK casinos. Below are a few of them:

Casino games are biased 

The belief that online casinos are rigged is not true. Some players blame their losses on the casino. However, casinos not on Gamstop are regulated by top gambling bodies around the world. They ensure that games offered at non UKGC casinos are random and safe. Most of these platforms use the Random Number Generator (RNG) software to guarantee fairness.   

Non UK casino sites do not tamper with their RNGs because they are being monitored by an independent body.  

Winning at non UK site is purely a matter of luck 

There is no disputing the fact that some casino games are luck-based. In other words, they are a game of chance. The simple interpretation for this is that your odd remain the same notwithstanding how long you play. However, some games are based on skills as they involve probabilities. Mathematical skills can be of great advantage here.  If you have enough experience and skill, you can manipulate games like blackjack or poker to your advantage.   

You win when you play more 

Non UK casinos are thriving because many gamers believe that they need to play more to win. While we are not disputing this claim, it is a dangerous approach. You might end up losing more funds if you decide to chase losses. In most cases, the odds are high as winning some casino games is a matter of chance. 

Counting cards is illegal 

This technique was first known in the 1960s as it makes the gambling site lose to players frequently. Counting cards give players an edge over the house. However, many gamblers believe that it is illegal to count cards. This practice is not cheating as it is one of the result-oriented techniques to boost your winning chances. 

Gambling Online is against the law 

Playing real money casino games at non UK casinos is legal in many countries as they approve and regulate the activities of gambling sites in their jurisdictions. Some of the top regions where gambling is regulated and approved include Canada, Spain, Curacao, Isle of Man, Panama, etc. Before you play at any non UK casino, ensure that they are operating legally in your country. 


The fact remains that most online casino games are dependent on luck as their outcome are generated by the RNG software. However, you can still boost your chance while playing games like poker and roulette because they involve a bit of skill and mathematics. Also, online casinos do not encourage underage gambling as most platforms verify players’ age through KYC procedures and other means to ensure that they are above the legal gambling age. 

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