Monese Gambling Block

Monese Gambling Block

Monese is one of the UK’s most popular digital banking solutions. This money app allows you to make transactions for countless purposes. But can you use the Monese Card for gambling? The simple answer is no. Monese stops gambling, adult entertainment, or quasi-cash transactions. Attempting to make gambling payments via Monese may also lead to account blocks. This is because Monese aims to promote responsible financial practices by implementing a gambling block. That said, some users have claimed to transfer money to online gambling operators from Monese. So, is the Monese gambling block effective? Continue reading to find out!

Gambling Block: Can I Use Monese to Stop Gambling?

Monese explicitly prohibits the use of its services for gambling, as stated in its terms and conditions. Moreover, this is not just limited to UK-registered casinos. Monese also prohibits payments at casinos outside the UK whether they are online or land-based. While some users claim success depositing small amounts on certain betting sites, it’s important to understand that this isn’t officially endorsed by Monese. Attempting such transactions can actually lead to account suspension or ban. Monese is strict about its policies so it’s recommended not to use their cards for gambling. Adhere to Monese’s guidelines for a smooth and trouble-free banking experience.

Additional Responsible Gambling Tools

Nowadays, many responsible gambling tools are available to curb the rising cases of gambling addiction in the UK. Beyond the traditional website blockers, these tools include a wide range of features and resources for vulnerable players. Here are the top three services you can use for safer gambling practices.


GamStop is a free service for UK players aiming to help those with poor gambling habits. It is a self-exclusion scheme that restricts access to all UKGC-licensed gambling sites for a set time period. You can choose 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. However, some online casinos not blocked by GamStop still exist which allows you to gamble even if you have signed up for the self-exclusion program. Therefore, it’s important to stay vigilant and use additional preventative measures.

Gambling Blockers

When exploring gambling blockers, we found various paid and premium tools designed. These tools have a bunch of features to control and restrict gambling impulses. These tools also have customization options such as personal deposit limits, multiple device support, emergency helpline and more.

Internal Responsible Gambling Tools

The internal responsible gambling tools are the ones you find on online casino sites. Many online casinos now have effective barriers to prevent compulsive gambling behaviours. These include deposit limits, self-exclusion and account deactivation. These tools give you the autonomy to manage your gambling responsibly.


✔️ Can I use Monese for gambling?

No, Monese doesn’t support any kind of gambling-related transactions. Based on their policy, Monese may even block your account if you try to make a transaction on a gambling site. The platform restricts gambling transactions to promote safe and responsible financial use.

✔️ How to gamble with the Monese gambling block?

Online gambling operators support multiple payment methods. So, to bypass Monese’s gambling block, consider transferring funds to another bank account or purchasing a cryptocurrency. Another solution is to get a Neosurf voucher. During our analysis, we found these methods effective alternatives to Monese’s restrictions.

Useful to Read

Apart from the ones discussed in this blog, there are many other useful tools to control and prevent harmful gambling behaviour. To help you learn about these, we have created a list of gambling blockers offered by different platforms in the UK. Check out the following gambling blockers to limit and manage your online gambling activities.

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