Is There A Way To Cancel Gamstop

Gamstop is an excellent program designed for players dealing with compulsive gambling. The software creates a self-excluding option for players to regulate their involvement in gambling. However, a player may decide to cancel self-exclusion option in case of a mistake or have reached a gambling limit. There is no way to opt-out except using non-UK casino sites or non-verification casinos, or you’re leaving the UK.  

What is Gamstop?

Gamstop is a scheme that allows players to initiate some control over their online gambling activities. However, the system faces some issues from casinos not on Gamstop and does not abide by their rules. The service prevents users from placing bets on gambling sites or apps for the chosen duration in the UK. The service is only available in the UK for its citizens. The aim is to fasten responsible gambling, mitigate gambling problems, and set limiting control over gambling sites and apps for the user.

 Ways to Cancel the Self-Exclusion Scheme

As earlier stated, there is no way to remove Gamstop except you are using a non-UK casino or leaving the country. There is no simple way to cancel self-exclusion once you register. The software will restrict the user from accessing casino games until the self-exclusion period expires. The self-exclusion periods range from 6 months to 1 year and five years. These options give a gambler a chance to choose the duration of the ban in different time frames. However, most players are looking to opt out of the program because of most casinos’ bonuses, promotions, and gaming experience. 

Can I stop Gamstop after the self-excluding period?

The program only becomes easy to deactivate after you reach the end of the self-exclusion period. Gamstop reverses all changes and allows users to use their gambling site or app again. To opt-out of the scheme, contact their customer care service and abide by their instruction which requires an official request to remove your data from their database. When this is done, the company will remove the account with its related data from the database. This removal

will grant users access to gamble online casinos and other gaming software providers. However, opting out of Gamstop might take several days as the request have to be processed by the company. So, the easiest and best way to deactivate the program is to wait for the set duration to expire. Once the restriction is lifted, users can participate in any game and casino without restrictions.

In short, canceling the self-exclusion halfway is practically impossible because you might not be able to adjust any data once it gets to the scheme’s database. If you feel like playing real money casino games while on the Gamstop ban list, consider some reputable offshore casinos without a UKGC license.  


It is impossible to opt out of the scheme before the self-exclusion period expires. There are no ways to circumvent the process unless the time frame expires. The best option is to register and play on casinos without UKGC license.

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