Is RTP the Same on all Non UK Casino Sites? 

If you are an avid gambler, you would have heard about the acronym “RTP.” It stands for Return to Player. The fact is, many players do not know what it means. In other words, they cannot use it to their advantage. If you love to play online slots, you need to understand what RTP means, as it could help you make better decisions. This article gives the simplest definition of RTP and explains how to get the Return to player percentage. Also, it answers the questions on whether the RTP is the same on all non UK sites

What is Return to Player (RTP) 

Return to Player is a gambling term that indicates the percentage of the sum that players receive when they win an online slot. Casinos not on Gamstop features a decent selection of slots from top-rated software providers. You should always try to find out about the RTP value of this game before you play because it determines what gets to you at the end of the day. Besides, it will enable you to make a better decision while placing your bets.  

How to Calculate RTP

Calculating the RTP is not rocket science; it is a straightforward process. You can get the RTP value through a simple formula. To get the Return to Player (RTP), divide the amount you get by the amount you wagered on the games. 

The higher the RTP, the better because the amount the slots are programmed to give back to the players increases with the RTP. You should not play any non UK slot sites with exceptionally low Return to Player Percentage. You are advised to avoid platforms having an RTP lower than 95 percent. It is worth mentioning that many gambling operators have been forced to reduce this value to compensate for their lost revenues. 

The RTP value of most reputable gambling sites ranges from 94 percent to 98 percent. Some gaming destinations have a relatively lower RTP to enable you to make a profit, which is essential for their business to survive. It is worth mentioning you might always know the RTP of some games, especially those licensed in Curacao.  

Is RTP equal at all Non UKGC Gambling Sites? 

The Return to Player (RTP) percentage is not the same on all non UK platforms, which means that the RTP at a gambling site without UK license may be different from others. Players can take advantage of this difference to enhance what they get in the long run. A straightforward way to boost your returns is to look for a non UK sites with a higher RTP value.  


RTP is not the same on all casino sites without Gamstop; this variation may be due to individual operators, regulators, game providers, among others. All in all, you should go for a non UK casino site with a considerably higher RTP to boost what gets to you in the long run.

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