How to Stop Casino Pop-Ups?

How to Stop Casino Pop-Ups?

Is your web browser being redirected to different casino pop-up ads randomly? Your device may be infected with an adware program. The casino pop-up ads, which are displayed by adware will be shown usually in strange overlaying or positions the content of the web page. Casino pop-up ads can be extremely annoying when they pop out of the blue and when you expect them the least. But there are different ways to stop casino pop-ups. Unfortunately, no system toggle can disable them all. To stop casino pop-up ads on your device, continue reading our guide.

What Do Casino Pop-Ups Mean?

Casino pop-ups are the first sign that your desktop or mobile has been infected by adware. You will find these ads in the header overlapping the webpage. Even though these ads aren’t harmful to the system, they can redirect you to malicious sites without asking you.

How to Block Casino Pop-Ups in Your Browser?

So your desktop just notified you about a jackpot with casino ads? But, you never subscribed to any of it. Instead of clicking on the ad you might want to think of them as intruders. Because the security of your desktop, computer, files and data depends on this single click. If you want to get deeper, note the following steps. Depending on your browser of choice, here are your personalised notes for an ad-free experience.

🌐 Google Chrome

While browsers do not have pop-ups they have built-in tools to block them. You will find it on Google Chrome, too. Here is what you must do to block casino pop-ups on Google Chrome.

1. Launch Google Chrome & navigate to Menu.

Fire up that Google Chrome on your desktop like a pro. You’ve got a Windows PC? Chrome is an online app that stays in hibernation mode in the taskbar. Just click the Start menu, and start typing ‘Chrome’ like you’re sending an instruction to awaken it.

2. Access the Setting

Note well the position in the upper right corner of your Chrome browser, where the small icon for the Menu item is available. You will notice the icon has three vertical dots. Within it, a few browser options are offered under ‘Settings’. The process is familiar with a simple click on the Menu icon, enabling a bunch of categories like Downloads, History, and the ever-elusive Settings. Now, you can choose ‘Settings’, by tapping or clicking it.

3. Proceed to Privacy and Security

As the ‘Settings’ tab unfolds before you, read the on-screen prompt. On this digital page, navigate to the left side of your screen, where you may explore more settings. Click on Privacy and Security, for example.

4. Click on “Site Settings”

You can browse into subcategories, which have the best data aggregators like Third-Party Cookies and Privacy Guides. On this path, seek out the options for the ‘Site settings.’ Here you can enable/disable what websites can display to you, including those pesky pop-up ads.

5. Choose “Pop-ups and Redirects”

The chrome design hides several key features inside Site Settings and seeks out the elusive ‘Pop-ups and Redirects’ option. It’s difficult to see at the bottom of the page. These settings, on other variants like Brave, and Opera Explorer, are responsible for controlling the annoying pop-ups and sneaky redirects. And, even malware.

6. Block All Pop-Ups in One Click

Once you’ve clicked on ‘Pop-ups and Redirects’, you’ll be confronted with some options to select/deselect those pop-ups and redirects. It’s the final step. Once you select this option and save it, you can enjoy pop-up free browsing and fewer desktop notifications.

🌐 Safari

If you want to achieve maximum security and block pop-ups on Safari, you can follow some easy steps. Here is what you have to do to block them.

1. Open Safari

The preliminary hack is updating your browser! Brace yourself for moderate enhancements like slightly better pop-up blockers and security updates. Once you’ve covered these steps, just reopen Safari. Remember, it’s practically the rule to keep all Apple software as up-to-date as your social media feeds.

2. Choose Safari > Preference

Now, on your PC, launch Safari and seek the menu bar at the screen’s border. Subtly navigate to ‘Safari’ in the upper-left corner – a prominent place for quick lookup! You’ll find the ‘Settings’ or ‘Preferences’ options in this space.

3. Block Pop-Ups for all Websites

Next, in the websites tab, you face the selections for a choice to block some, or, the choice to block all pop-ups. Not every pop-up is a villain in disguise, so ponder this with seriousness. However, you can always undo things and revert. And here you can turn on warnings for fraudulent websites.

🌐 Internet Explorer

The Internet Explorer also lets you stop pop-ups. If you want to block pop-ups on Internet Explorer, you can follow some easy steps. Check out these steps below.

1. Open Internet Explorer Tools Menu

Open Internet Explorer and choose ‘Tools’, which is the gear icon given at the upper-right corner of the browser.

2. Select “Internet Option”

After clicking on the gear icon to access the “Tools” menu, locate and select the option labelled “Internet Options.” This action will open a new window with various tabs. From these tabs, choose “Privacy.”

3. Choose the Advanced Tab, then click Reset.

In the Internet Options window, click on the Advanced tab. Next, find the Reset button and give it a click. This will trigger the appearance of the Reset Internet Explorer settings window.

4. Click on “Delete personal settings”

Following that, ensure to tick the checkbox labelled “Delete personal settings” before proceeding to click on the Reset button.

🌐 Mozilla Firefox

Based on the version of Mozilla Firefox you have, the pop-up might already be blocked by default. This is an important feature that is better than Chrome, out of the box. But, still here is the manual for the same. Here is how you can find the pop-up blocker so that you can block casino pop-ups on Mozilla Firefox.

1. Select “Tools” from the Menu Bar

Launch the app by opening Mozilla Firefox! by double-clicking its icon or starting from the terminal in Ubuntu. Depending on the OS, it can take a few seconds. Now, check for the trio of horizontal bars in the upper-right corner, which will unveil the Menu’s sub-categories.

2. Click Privacy & Security in “Settings” Section

Open the dropdown menu. The gateway to the Settings code block – a simple click away. Once you’ve launched into Settings, a new tab emerges with typical info and some further sub-options. Within this tab, you can navigate to ‘Privacy and Security’, nestled close to the Settings header.

3. Choose Block Pop-Up for all Sites & Choose OK

Click on ‘Privacy & Security’, and you shall be transported to the options for Browser Privacy. As you descend the scroll, you’ll note a header ‘Permissions’. Here, a ‘Block pop-up window’ appears! Click on this & choose OK.

🌐 Microsoft Edge

If you want to block pop-ups on Microsoft Edge, you must follow some easy steps. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Open Microsoft Edge

Search the taskbar or your desktop and launch Microsoft Edge. Now, squint at those top-right three horizontal dots, blocking the ‘Settings and More’ button.

2. Select “Settings and More”

Click on “Settings and Mor”’ and watch it naturally start a new tab. Now, hunt on the left menu, and – there are ‘Cookies and Site Permissions’ there too. Give it a click and you can block all those pesky pop-ups and tweak some lesser settings if they emerge.

3. Choose “Pop-ups and Redirects” & Turn off All Pop-Ups

Keep scrolling as if you’re browsing the digital settings, until ‘Pop-ups and redirects’ show up. You can become the master of your domain and flick that toggle switch to disable all pop-ups. Some pop-ups are good for site view and essential for your favourite sites. For those, you can manually whitelist the worthy web pages.

How to Limit Gambling Pop-Ups on Mobile Devices

The wonders of smartphone tech have propelled us into the digital world. And, now even they are bloating with those pesky pop-up ads and malware! Let’s dive into the art of blocking those relentless online casino ads on your smartphone browser.

Android Smartphone

If you get unwanted pop-ups in your Chrome browser, you can remove them by turning off pop-ups and ads in the “settings” of the browser app. Here is the method to do that.

  • Open the Chrome app. Now, tap on the three dots icon and choose ‘Settings’
  • Find the option ‘Site Settings’. Tap on the option ‘Pop-ups and Redirects’ and disable it
  • Go to the ‘Site Settings’ section and tap on ‘Ads’. Turn them off

IOS Smartphones

Just as with other devices, on iOS smartphones, too, there is an option to block pop-up ads. You can disable personalised ads from Apple. Here is what you have to do.

  • Go to Settings
  • Click “Privacy & Security”
  • Navigate to Apple “Advertising”
  • Disable “Personalized Ads”


✔️ What is a casino Pop-Up?

A casino pop-up is an advertisement or promotional message that appears suddenly on a website or within an application, often promoting online gambling or casino-related content. Casino pop-ups might not always be safe for your device and its content. Unfortunately, some adware programs are redirected to the ads without the permission of the publisher to generate revenue.

✔️ Why are the gambling ads popping up?

Maybe it’s because you’ve visited and looked online for gambling-related pages, or perhaps your browser is taking sponsors through casino pop-up ads. This tiny coded adware for casino pop-ups often hitches a ride with that ‘safe’ free software you downloaded. Those downloads, such sneaky little things, never really reveal their extra size because of highly optimised code. Without a hint, you’ve permitted a host of adware on your device. Now, this is tracked by every internet site and they fill up with random casino pop-ups whenever you are online.

✔️ How to block all gambling pop-ups?

Just dive into your browser settings and use our guide to block those gambling pop-ups. Or, here’s a groundbreaking idea: get an AdBlocker to do the heavy lifting on your desktop or smartphone.

✔️ Can I block pop-ups on all my devices?

You can become a pop-up blocking wizard on all your gadgets. Be it a desktop or a smartphone, just a magical trip to your browser’s Settings will do the trick.

✔️ Do casino pop-ups pose a threat?

While pop-ups can make your browsing experience easier, some pop-ups might be annoying or unsafe. They can expose you to phishing. Thus, it is better to be safe than sorry. We recommend applying one of the casino pop-up removal tips we have discussed above. Removing these pop-ups will make your experience safe and secure.

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