How to Block Gambling Sites on iPhone

How to Block Gambling Sites on iPhone

Author: Jack Reeve

If you a wondering how to block gambling sites on your iPhone and stay safe, then this guide is definitely for you. The best solution is to install gambling site blockers on your Apple devices and overcome compulsive wagering.

Luckily, the options aren’t limited, with several dedicated apps available to block access to online casinos or sportsbooks. Our guide illuminates some of the products and will educate you on the methods to gamble responsibly.

How Can Players Block Gambling Sites on iPhone: The Best Way

If you are not able to control your gambling impulses, then a technical solution is the best course of action to prevent access to gambling sites. Most operators offer responsible gambling tools, but in most cases, they apply only to that given platform. For a more comprehensive approach, we outline a multi-step strategy:

Pick a Reliable Gambling Blocker

The market is flooded with different gambling blocker apps or browser extensions promising to restrict your gaming appetite. However, not every product offers the same degree of reliability. The gambling blocks must offer longer-term protection and be affordable and easy to use. Some brands you should consider include Gamban, Betblocker, GamBlock, and Net Nanny.

Install it on Your iPhone

To be able to block gambling sites on mobile devices, you first need to install the selected app on your iPhone. You can source the app from the company’s official webpage or the Apple Store. The installation will be automatic and take only a couple of minutes.

Open the App and Follow the Instructions

After you have set up the app, open it to register an account. Every app will have a different settings layout and requirement, but a guide will be included to help you navigate the process. You can enter specific URL addresses or keywords, such as gambling or casino, instructing the app to block them.

Ban Gambling Websites on iPhone with Built-in Feature

Apple products, such as iPhone smartphones, have built-in features to restrict access to specific websites. It works reliably and might be simpler than acquiring a separate app. Dedicated gambling-blocking apps can burden memory storage and hamper other surfing activities on the web. The process of activating this blocking feature includes:

  1. Go to Settings & Click Screen Time
  2. Activate Screen Time Button
  3. Tap Use Screen Time Passcode
  4. Ask a Family Member to Set The Passcode
  5. Choose Content Restrictions
  6. Click on the “Content & Privacy Restrictions” Button
  7. Click “Add Website” in Never Allow.
  8. Add a Gambling Site in the URL field.

Alternative Methods to Block All Gambling Sites via iPhone

There is no shortage of methods for preventing access to online casinos. Although separate apps for blocking gambling sites are the most prominent option, there are simpler solutions. And the results are equally effective. Let’s explore several alternative methods, and see how they compare.

Block Gambling Transactions

You can ban all gambling transactions via your payment providers. Nearly all banks allow their customers to impose a ban on payments to gambling sites. This restriction is temporary, often lasting 24 hours up to 3 days, and can be activated through the bank’s mobile app or in a local branch.

Use Restrictions in Safari

Web browsers such as Safari allow users to restrict access to specific websites. You can adjust the preferences in the setting menu, and block online casinos. However, for this method to be effective, you must use only one browser or implement similar bans on all installed browsers.


✔️ How do I block gambling sites on my iPhone?

Several methods are available to block gambling sites on your iPhone, starting with the in-built feature. There are dedicated apps for restricting access, but they usually come with a paid subscription. The blocking apps are effective and easy to use.

✔️ What is the best way to block gambling sites on iPhones?

Gambling blockers offer the best results. There are various apps available, each offering a slightly different range of options and effectiveness. Because gambling blockers are purposely built for this function, they have a high success rate in stopping gambling activities.

✔️ Can I block non-GamStop sites using these methods?

Yes. Оne advantage of using gambling blockers or transaction restrictions is that they work on casinos not on GameStop, unlike a standard GamStop self-exclusion. These methods act as gatekeepers on a specific device, barring access to any gambling site of your choice.

✔️ Can I block betting apps on iPhone devices?

Yes, these methods don’t discriminate and allow you to block bookies not on GameStop via your iPhone. And not only websites but native betting apps as well. It’s a comprehensive system, able to block anything you instruct to keep away from your mobile device.

✔️ Can I block all gambling sites using the in-built iPhone feature?

Yes, but this method works only for blocking sites on a mobile browser like Safari. If you are using a different browser, such as Mozzila or Chrome, then you will have to find a different solution.

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