How Non UK Casinos Verify Your Age?

Age verification is a method used by non UK sites to ensure that they don’t allow individuals who are below the legal gambling age threshold do not have access to their products and services. One of the responsibilities of casinos without UKGC license is to protect the underage and those who are vulnerable. Hence, gambling sites both online and offline carry out verification checks on all their customers.  

Non UK casinos are also mandated by their regulators to only allow customers who are above the legitimate gambling age. This measure helps to guide against compulsive gambling. Apart from that, some reputable non UK casinos partner with some gambling control organizations to help gamers battling addiction. Though they don’t partner with Gamstop, they allow gamers to block themselves for a while by contacting the support agent.  

This article explains how casinos not on Gamstop carry out age verifications on their customers. Apart from that, you will know the importance of the process.  

What is Age Verification Process and Why is it Important at Non UK Casinos? 

Age Verification is the process of validating players’ age. It is a protective method adopted by non UK sites to prevent underage or minors from accessing real money casino games. In simple terms, it means checking if you have attained the minimum age approved for online gambling. 

In most cases, you need to be verified before you can deposit or access demo games. One of the reasons for age and identity checks is to prevent money laundering and fraud. As mentioned earlier, it is a way of shielding minors from the dangers of online gambling.  

Furthermore, it also helps in fast-tracking the withdrawal process. Many players have had their winnings delayed or withheld because they are not verified by the casino. Some non UK platforms allow players to fund their casino account without verification, but they won’t allow them to withdraw without verifying their age. It is always advisable to read the terms and conditions and verify your account at non UKGC casinos to speed up your withdrawal processing time. 

How Casinos Without UK License Verify Gamblers’ Age? 

When signing up at most non UK online casinos, you will input a few details of yourself, including age, name, address, etc. Then, this data will be compared with your information on different databases. If the information does not match, you might need to give further details. You might be asked to provide some documents to back up your claims. Some of these documents include a driving license or passport, recent bank statement, council tax bill, or household bills.  

Non UK casinos verify your age via these documents. This process can take a few days. The online casino might request for additional ID if you register with e-wallet services like Neteller, PayPal, or Skrill. 


Age verification is an essential component of responsible gambling as it ensures that players are above the legitimate age for punters. While many might not like the idea of identity checks, it has some notable benefits as it helps to protect minors and prevent money laundering. 

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