Gamstop Not Working: What To Do?

GamStop Not Working: What To Do?

Author: Bradley Oliva, Ph.D.

Nowadays, plenty of problem gamblers rely heavily on Gamstop as their primary source of help. The self-exclusion service is the most popular option in the UK, thanks to its proven efficiency. However, there have been some reports of players experiencing issues and Gamstop not working properly. The most common problem users have experienced is being accepted back onto online casino sites.

This raises the question, what are your next steps if Gamstop doesn’t work in a correct way? Lucky for you, our team of experts is here to help you. In this thorough guide, we explore ways to remedy the issue and some of the reasons why it might’ve happened.

#1 Contact GamStop Support

If you’re experiencing trouble with your self-exclusion, your first step should be contacting Gamstop directly. The organization has expert customer service that’s always eager to help with any issue you might be experiencing. You can get in touch with them via the live chat located on the site or shoot them an e-mail. Alternatively, you can call them on the hotline number listed on their website. The live chat and phone and line are open every day, from 10 am to 8 pm.

#2 Ban Gambling Sites via Blockers

If Gamstop isn’t working for you, you might want to check out other iGaming blockers. Luckily, Brits get plenty of options to choose from. You can have your pick between free and subscription alternatives. Our personal recommendation for a blocker is Gamban. It’s a subscription-based service that can be used in two ways. You can choose to cool off from gambling or exclude yourself altogether. Once you download the software to your device, you can’t remove it until your self-restriction duration is over.

#3 Block Gambling Transactions

One of the best ways to stop yourself from playing is blocking any transactions related to gambling. Many banks offer this option to customers because they believe it’s more effective than self-exclusion schemes. In most cases, you can adjust your spending limits at casinos or block them completely. Unfortunately, not many e-wallets have hopped on this trend yet. In any case, limiting the ways you can upload money at online casinos will surely help you on y our journey.

#4 Try Counselling Services

Luckily, self-exclusion isn’t the only form of help that problem gamblers have at their disposal. There are plenty of counselling services that specialize in this area. For example, Gambling Therapy is one of the most renowned counselling organizations in the UK and Wales. They offer plenty of resources, like real-life support group meetings and online live chat support. GamCare is another reliable and well-experienced provider of support and assistance to problem gamblers. These services employ experts in the field that have the knowledge and tools to help you get better.

#5 Try to Register at GamStop One More Time

So, if all else has failed, why not retry registering one more time? Though this seems like a very basic suggestion, it just might do the trick. Call a Gamstop support agent and have them guide you through the process of registering once more. This way, you have an experienced professional taking you through each step. Sometimes, the servers may be down or there may be a temporary glitch in the system. So, going over the registration process one more time at a different time can be the easiest solution to your issue.

Reasons Why GamStop Exclusion Doesn’t Work

Wondering why your self-exclusion isn’t working? We’ve got you covered! There are a plethora of reasons as to why this happened. However, we broke down the three most common issues players face with their self-exclusion. Scroll down to learn more.

You’ve registered with wrong details

The first thing you should check is if the personal information you entered is correct. If the details don’t line up, Gamstop won’t be effective at all. So, make sure to double-check and fix any errors you might’ve made!

You’ve Joined non GamStop sites

If you want to stick to your self-exclusion, make sure not to get registered at casinos not under Gamstop scheme or sites with non Gamstop online betting. There are plenty of casinos that allow visitors to play despite them being self-excluded.

Your Self-Exclusion Expired

Lastly, there’s always the possibility that your Gamstop self-exclusion finished and you didn’t notice. In such cases, it’s essential to remain vigilant and take proactive steps to ensure responsible gambling continues to be a priority in your life.

GamStop Not Working FAQ

❓ What is the best blocker if GamStop doesn’t work for me?

There are plenty of ways to block gambling sites you can get your hands on in 2024. Our personal favourite is Gamban. It is a paid alternative, but newcomers get access to a seven-day free trial. You can download the blocker on all devices, including iPhone, Android, and Windows.

❓ Should I try to join GamStop again?

We don’t see a reason not to! If your GamStop self-exclusion time ended and you feel like you could benefit from more, go ahead. Gamstop is completely free, so you always have to option to sign up. If the break you took was enough, then you can proceed gambling at reliable online casino sites.

❓ Is there any better option for UK players than GamStop?

That depends on your definition of better. Gamstop is a completely free option that restricts you from all UK-licensed casinos. Yet, there are other alternatives that come with a monthly fee and have some specific perks. Gamban, for instance, can be downloaded on your phone and protects from all casino sites.

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