Gamblock Review

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Gamblock Review

Gamblock is a platform that helps prevent gambling addiction by blocking access to online gambling. It was founded in the year 2000 and has been helping bettors avoid the dangers of unrestricted gambling ever since. Gamblock or Gamblock UK claims to use sophisticated analyses to allow itself to block gambling sites and software.

Gamblock is under steady development and it provides businesses, various government departments, libraries, and many other institutions the guarantee that gambling activities cannot be conducted once under the protection of Gamblock. Gamblock restricts even some of the best independent casino operators.

Gamblock Overview

Not only does it allow a single license but it also avails multiple licenses for a wide range of personal users. Gamblock, which is a mode of self-exclusion, has land-based venues that have been helping users for many years in a row now. With partnerships and data analyses Gamblock is looking to create a safer place for all.

Pros of Gamblock

pros of gamblock

Like many other self-exclusion schemes that are out there, Gamblock has its own pros as well as cons. Here are the pros and cons of using Gamblock that you should be aware of.

  1. Impossible to Avoid: First thing first, the thing we praise the most about Gamblock is that once installed or applied it is absolutely impossible for you to access any form of online gambling.
  2. Often Updated Database: Gamblock with its steady analyses and development keeps an immovable eye on the online gambling market. It’s always searching for worldwide casino websites to include in its checklist.
  3. Support Most Popular Platforms: The other thing that is praiseworthy about Gamblock is that it is compatible with the most popular platforms available. The platforms Gamblock is compatible with include, Android, Windows, iPhone, and iPad.

Cons of Gamblock

cons of gamblock

  1. Pretty Slow Customer Support: Gamblock could have attained competence, but since competence is a concept, and performance is imperfection, Gamblock has its shortcomings too. One thing Gamblock is quite frequently booked for is its slow customer support.
  2. Sometimes Block Non-Gambling Games: It is really irritating when Gamblock becomes overprotective. Everything is pretty cool about Gamblock till it becomes overprotective and starts taking its job way too seriously than it even requires. It is really a pain when you are looking for video games but they are blocked by Gamblock.
  3. Crashes And Not Working Software: Here’s another thing that really makes Gamblock frustrating. There are many cases where the software does not work properly and even tends to crash on various devices.

Top Alternatives to Gamblock for UK Players

If you are opting for self-exclusion but don’t want to miss out on every gambling website, then you must definitely try out other self-exclusion schemes that are alternatives to Gamblock. However, if you happen to live in the United Kingdom, then you should definitely be aware of these top alternatives to Gamblock for UK players.

GamStop Self-Exclusion

GamStop is a self-exclusion scheme based in the UK and works under the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. It is administered by The National Online Scheme Limited and helps you put restraint on your online betting activities. It provides free service for users residing in the United Kingdom and prevents accessing gambling companies booked under the UKGC. However, casino websites without GamStop restrictions can easily be accessed while still on self-exclusion.


GamBan, which is a software that offers paid help to ‘block access to online gambling on all of your devices. You can very easily download the app from the google play store or the Apple app store and get going. You are advised to check your device compatibility before purchasing GamBan. Also, be sure to be aware of casinos with no GamBan.


It is developed by Alternative Dispute Resolution. BetBlocker is a free tool for responsible gambling that helps you curb your gambling addiction. One can install BetBlocker on as many devices as one wants. It allows you to put a halt on an approximate number of 13613 gambling websites altogether. You are advised to be immensely careful while activating BetBlocker on your devices though.


An independent charity in the UK that provides free information, counselling advice, and free support for anyone who is wanting to curb their gambling activities and fight against addiction. It helps through a 24/7 operating phone line, live chat, group chat, and an online forum. However, this service itself does not operate any particular self-exclusion scheme and cannot work for GamCare-free casino sites.


Though most credible casinos are tested and audited by reputed agencies such as Technical Systems Testing (TST) which is now owned by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), there have been numerous cases of fraudulent gambling platforms misleading players into investing a lot of money. While responsible gambling is a practice that every casino adheres to, it is important that players exercise a level of consciousness during the course of deposits.

Schemes such as Gamstop are tailor-made to aid such players in their journey of self-exclusion. However, players enrolled under GamStop can still play at the scores of offshore casinos licensed from agencies such as Malta Gaming Authority, Gambling Commission of Great Britain, Government of Gibraltar, etc. The problems associated with addictive gambling have been sweeping nations, which is the key reason why UKGC has been partnering with institutions such as The Betting and gambling council (BGC) to spread awareness and save youth from the influence of Advertisements that aim at glamorizing the betting industry.

Gamblock FAQ

📝 How do I start using Gamblock?

It is quite easy using Gamblock. It does not require any amount of strenuous effort for one to use. All you have to do is just simply download the software from the official site. Once installed and agreed to its conditions you would be good to go.

📝 Is there a free version of Gamblock?

No, there is no free version of Gamblock. You can certainly download the app for free from the official website but in order to use its service, you must subscribe to its plans, and pay accordingly. There are other self-exclusion programs that offer charitable help but for you to use Gamblock you would have to pay.

📝 How much does it cost to use Gamblock?

For Samsung users, 1-month Gamblock protection costs its users 17.79 USD dollars. For non-Samsung android users, 3-month Gamblock protection costs 48.95 USD dollars. For users preferring Macintosh computers, Gamblock costs its users 24.67 USD dollars. For users with Windows, the price may vary and it can cost you more than 100 USD dollars at times.

📝 Can I remove Gamblock?

As well as when you search ways to avoid GamStop block and every other self-exclusion scheme, once applied you can not remove Gamblock till your chosen time period has passed. Just be very sure with what you exactly want. If it is self-exclusion then you should not be even thinking about it in the first place. Self-exclusion will not only lead you to a disciplined life but will also benefit you in progressing.

📝 What platforms does Gamblock work with?

Gamblock works on various platforms. You can easily access Gamblock services using platforms such as Samsung, Android, Fragmented Android, Windows Personal, Windows Small Business, Windows Corporate, iPhones, and last but not least iPads. Gamblock supports a wide range of popular platforms. This is one of the main reasons why Gamblock is still so popular when it comes to self-exclusion schemes.

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