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Cold Turkey Gambling Blocker

The world is full of digital distractions. It makes many of us want to “regain” control of our time – which often turns out to be a pretty daunting task. Enter Cold Turkey. It’s a robust and versatile software that’s been designed to empower you in the quest for focus, efficiency, and productivity. The best part? You can also use the Cold Turkey blocker for gambling sites as it allows you to block pretty much any type of website or app.

If you wish to be liberated from the clutches of online gambling, then Cold Turkey can be your deliverer. It’s a dependable and effective gambling blocker used by people who wish to control their time gambling online. In this review, you’re going to learn all about it and how to use it.

Cold Turkey Blocking App: Overview

Cold Turkey Blocker is one of the most well-known website blockers out there and is fairly popular as a gambling website blocker. Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of this blocking tool, let’s do a quick overview so you can better understand what it is and what we’re dealing with today.

Specific Features of Cold Turkey

First of all, let’s talk about the key features of the blocker. Covered in reputable publications such as Lifehacker, Time, and Wired, it’s a modern tool that claims you will thank your future self if you use it. Let’s see just how true that is.

Block Sites

You can block specific domains and URIs. Just add entries to the block list and it will ensure that all associated web pages are inaccessible. The flexibility extends to blocking specific URLs, allowing for precise control over which pages to restrict.

Block Apps

Cold Turkey Blocker extends its dominion beyond websites, also allowing you to block particular apps. If you gamble using any app, then Cold Turkey has you covered. You can block by file, folder, or entire Windows apps altogether – providing comprehensive coverage against all types of gambling diversions.

Scheduled Blocks

Another excellent feature of the tool is the ability to schedule your blocks. You can plan and implement your block sessions at predefined intervals. This allows you to impose self-limitations. Just click and drag directly on the schedule to add these blocks and set up your own routine to align with your priorities.

Password Protection

Last but not least, as accountability is key, the blocker provides robust password protection in its Pro version. This measure ensures that once a block is initiated, you have an additional layer of defense against impulsive changes or circumvention attempts. Not to mention this also allows you to control the blocks for someone else who doesn’t know the password.

Cold Turkey Website Blocker: Pros & Cons

There are many website and app blockers on the market – including those that you can use to block gambling platforms. However, all of them come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Cold Turkey is no different. Let’s cover all the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision whether the Cold Turkey app blocker is the right software for you or not.

Positive Aspects of Cold Turkey Blocker

Pros of Cold Turkey Gambling Blocker

We will begin with the advantages of Cold Turkey. It comes with a host of advantages that not only enable you to ban particular sites or apps – but also empower you with the help of schedules and password protection.

Support Different Operating Systems

Whether you’re a Windows aficionado or a macOS enthusiast, Cold Turkey Blocker has you covered. The software’s compatibility with both Windows and macOS ensures that users on different platforms can enjoy the benefits of enhanced productivity and distraction management. Incidentally, Cold Turkey is one of the most versatile tools out there and caters to a wide range of users.

Scheduled Blocks Feature

This powerful functionality allows you to proactively manage your environment by automating blocking sessions at designated times. The intuitive interface facilitates effortless scheduling, enabling you to click and drag directly on the schedule to add blocks. The beauty of this scheduled blocking feature lies in its ability to repeat automatically every week, creating a routine that aligns with your life and priorities.

Temporary Blocks

You can set temporary blocks using a dedicated feature. This feature empowers you with the ability to set temporary restrictions for specific durations. It essentially elevates the software from being just a static productivity tool to an adaptive companion with more flexible control over gambling blocks. This feature can be used for better time management and the autonomy to customize your digital environment based on your current objectives and priorities.

Negative Aspects of Using Cold Turkey to Block Gambling Sites

Cons of Cold Turkey for Gambling Block

There is no perfect gambling-blocking software. Cold Turkey also has its fair share of disadvantages that you should know about before you install and configure it on your device. Mainly, there are a couple of cons that might be dealbreakers:

No Mobile App for iOS

Cold Turkey is only available as a macOS or Windows software (app). It’s not available on iOS for Apple users (and neither is it available on the Play Store for Android users). Though it can be turned on to block all apps as well as any domain on any browser on a computer, you might just resort to using the mobile version or app of a gambling platform to bypass it.

Not Focused Purely to Block Gambling Sites

This is not an app to block gambling operators and websites in particular. The main use of the app is to become more productive by blocking distractions such as social media platforms. As such, all features are designed around that. It’s easier to say no to social media when you’re working, for example, than say no to gambling when you’re free. So, whereas the toggling might work for a normal user, it might be too easy to turn it off for those experiencing gambling problems.

Cold Turkey Alternatives for Blocking Gambling Platforms

Cold Turkey is an excellent blocker and quite comprehensive – but as we learned, it has a couple of disadvantages. Most importantly, it’s not a dedicated gambling blocker. So, whereas it can work for casual gamblers, it might be insufficient for someone struggling with problem gambling or gambling addiction. Here are some alternatives that can help you better in this case:


🔗 How to use a Cold Turkey gambling blocker?

It’s a two-step process. First, you install the desktop app, and then, install the browser extensions. Now, you’re ready to block access to all sites that you blacklist (note that it doesn’t have any list of gambling platforms to automatically block them for you). The free version can be installed by anyone on any macOS or Windows device. Whether you upgrade to the Pro or not is up to you.

🔗 Is Cold Turkey blocker safe?

Yes. It’s a 100% secure and privacy-respecting piece of software. Countless people use it to better manage their time and avoid distractions without any problem. The software has been developed by a programmer called Felix. He has been working on the app since 2010 and it has been helping users get rid of distractions for a while now.

🔗 Can I use Cold Turkey Blocker for my iPhone?

No, Cold Turkey has no iOS (or Android) app, but you can find other ways to block gambling sites on your iPhone. Cold Turkey only works on Windows and macOS computers. You will need to use alternative gambling blockers if you wish to limit your access to gambling platforms on all your devices or exclude yourself from gambling completely. We have provided a list of alternatives that might fit the bill for you.

🔗 Can Cold Turkey block non-GamStop sites?

Yes, Cold Turkey can be used to block any app or website. This includes domains of casino platforms that are not part of GamStop. So, if you’re looking to take a break from a casino without GamStop, you can do that as easily as you’d block (or set a time limit for) Facebook!

🔗 How to turn off the Cold Turkey blocker?

Cold Turkey’s user interface is pretty straightforward to grasp. You can toggle the block switch on or off to enable or disable the block. It’s that easy! The Pro version allows you to set certain additional safeguards in place to make it harder to turn the block off. But as long as you’re willing to stick to your blocks, the easy toggle-off button makes things more convenient and easier.

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