Can a UKGC Casino be Non UK Casino? 

The United Kingdom Gambling Commission is the regulatory body involved in issuing licenses to gambling sites. Therefore, a casino site must be duly licensed by this commission to operate legally in the United Kingdom. Also, non UK casinos can be referred to as offshore casinos. They operate outside the country, and they can be accessed online by players in the United Kingdom.  

It is worth mentioning that both UKGC casinos and non UK gambling sites are open to UK players. However, they differ in several ways. First, UKGC casinos partner with the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme, meaning that players registered with the scheme cannot access their platforms. These categories of players can opt for no verification casinos. These gambling sites are not in partnership with the exclusion scheme. Also, they operate outside the United Kingdom.  

Furthermore, the UK-licensed gambling site has stricter law regarding aspects like bonuses, deposit, and withdrawal limits, among others. If you are looking for a gambling site with better rewards and higher withdrawal and deposit limits, consider the gaming destinations outside the United Kingdom.   

Casino sites without UK licenses are also regulated by top gambling authorities worldwide. Some of the authorities that issue permits to these online casinos include the Government of Curacao, Isle of Man, Panama Regulator, Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association, and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.  

Differentiating Between a Non UK Casino and a UKGC Gambling Site

If you are a casino enthusiast, you would have played on non UK gambling site. The fact is, nearly all the casino sites operating in the UK are based outside the country. In other words, their headquarters is located offshore. The main reason they operate from countries other than the United Kingdom is due to tax. It is worth mentioning that most of these gaming destinations hold a valid UK license.  

What is the significant difference between UKGC casinos and non UK sites? Non UK casinos should not be seen as gambling sites based outside the United Kingdom. Normally, they are gaming destinations without a UKGC license. In other words, a UKGC site can be based in other countries. What qualifies them as a UK gambling site is the license issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Understanding the disparities between gambling sites outside the United Kingdom and sites without a UKGC license is essential.  

UKGC Casino Sites

UKGC casinos may be based within or outside the United Kingdom. As stated earlier, almost all these gaming destinations are based offshore. Ideally, they hold a UKGC license. 

Online Casinos Without UKGC license 

These gambling sites can be referred to as non UK casinos because they do not hold a license that permits them to operate legally in the country. As mentioned earlier, they are licensed by other reputable authorities. Furthermore, they offer more freedom to gamers, and they do not work with the UK self-restriction scheme. 


Based on the information provided above, it is evident that a UKGC casino is different from a Non UK Casino. Hence, the answer to the question in the titles is No.

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