Bet365 Account Restricted – What to Do?

Bet365 Account Restricted

Author: Bradley Oliva

If you suddenly find your Bet365 account locked, it’s best to consider the possible reasons for this occurrence. Our article revolved around the topic of restricted Bet365 accounts. For your ease, we’ll deliver a detailed list of the most common reasons why customers can’t log in.

We recommend you read each of the following sections, as the available information on this page is factual and valuable. Our review is a good read for clients with limited accounts and new Bet365 users. Restricted punters will find alternatives to Bet365, and newbies will learn everything about the things they shouldn’t do in order to keep their accounts active.

Why Is My Bet365 Account Restricted: Main Reasons

Many users are shocked to find out they don’t have access to their Bet365 account. Although they believe they’ve done nothing wrong, there’s always a reason. The operator has strict mandatory terms and conditions for all registered clients. To avoid dealing with a Bet365 restricted account, make sure you read more about the potential reasons for blocked accounts on the site:

Breach of any Bonus Terms

One of the most common reasons the operator may block players’ accounts is that users have breached one or more of the terms and conditions of specific bonuses. For instance, if you try to create several accounts to claim a welcome deal, the likelihood of Bet365 blocking your account is relatively high.

Matched Betting

Another thing people do that results in their accounts being blocked is matched betting. In the simplest terms, this refers to a strategy where punters lay simultaneous bets on various platforms to guarantee a win. Although that’s a common tactic among bettors, it’s considered a violation of the T&Cs by most bookmakers, including Bet365.

GamStop Self-Exclusion

Even though there are many casinos not registered with GamStop, Bet365 is not one of them. The operator is on the self-exclusion service’s list, meaning the site is inaccessible to GamStop users. In other words, if you have an active exclusion period, you won’t be able to access your Bet365 account or create a new one.

Anomalous Behaviour

The last possible reason you may lose access to your Bet365 account is abnormal activity. The company monitors all users’ activity on the site throughout the entire time. This means that whenever they suspect something unusual about a player, they may block their account to prevent potential fraud.

What to Do if Bet365 Closes Your Account?

If you have an account at Bet365 and the company blocks your access to it, there are a few things you can do. Depending on the reason, the respective department may resolve your issue within a few days. However, if you’ve seriously breached the terms and conditions, the reviewing process will be much longer.

Contact Bet365 Support

The first and easiest thing you can do is reach out to the Bet365 customer support team. You can do that via live chat, which is highly convenient, as the option is accessible 24/7. Explain your concerns to the agent, and he will assist you further or transfer you to a member of the department dealing with such issues.

Opt to Other Bookmaker

If you can’t gain access to your Bet365 account even after reaching out to the CS team, you may want to look for an alternative brand. The list of reputable online betting operators is pretty long, meaning you’ll have zero difficulties discovering one that aligns with your preferences.

Wait for a Self-Exclusion Period to End

If Bet365 blocks your account because you’re currently on a GamStop scheme, you can get around self-exclusion on Bet365 or just wait. Once this happens, you’ll again be able to log into your account on the site and place real money bets on any of the available betting markets.

Where Can I Place Bets If My Bet365 Account is Locked?

As mentioned earlier, numerous betting websites are excellent alternatives to Bet365. The following list contains several of our suggestions. After examining the sites, we’ve discovered that they’re secure, trustworthy, and excellent in terms of betting markets.

Bet365 Restricted Account: FAQ

⚡️ Why is my Bet365 account restricted?

If you can’t access your Bet365 account, this means that you’ve breached one or more of the terms and conditions of the company. Another possible reason for your betting account restriction may be the fact that you’re currently using a self-exclusion, such as GamStop.

⚡️ What should I do if Bet365 restricted my user account?

The best thing you can do if the operator blocks your account is to contact the customer support team. If there’s anything you can do to resolve the issue, the agents will let you know. However, if your account is blocked for good, it’s best to opt for an alternative bookmaker.

⚡️ If my account is locked, what happens to my funds?

You can always contact the Bet365 team to ask what will happen with your locked funds. Each company has a different policy. In some instances, users receive their money in no time, but sometimes, they may have to wait for an extensive period before getting it.

⚡️ How can I prevent future account locks?

The best thing you can do to avoid dealing with a restricted Bet365 account is to play responsibly and avoid engaging in any suspicious activity. Don’t try to create multiple accounts to claim a welcome bonus, and don’t adopt doubtful betting strategies.

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