Are There More Men or Women Playing at Non UK Casinos? 

Online gaming destinations do not discriminate between both genders, which means that men and women have equal chances to access gambling sites worldwide. However, there is a big difference in the gambling habits of Men and Women, which is why one gender tends to gamble more than the other. This article examines the gambling habits of both male and female, and it also points out the gender that gambles more.  

Several studies have been conducted to show the differences in the behavior of men and women when it comes to gambling. The disparity in their gambling behavior is not due to the rewards because the essence of casino bonuses is to attract and motivate players. Non UK casinos come with several enticing features, including multiple languages, mobile support, and convenient banking options.   

Also, non UKGC sites accept players from different parts of the world. In other words, they welcome both male and female players from the United Kingdom and other jurisdictions. Also, these platforms are covered by the Gamstop self-exclusion scheme. Hence, they do not block players who have subscribed to this program. Despite their lack of UK license, casinos not on Gamstop are reliable and safe because a respected gambling body regulates them and adopts the best security system.  

What are the Key Differences in Men and Women Gambling Habits?

According to the research carried out in the United Kingdom and the United States, a few percentages of women gamble online. First, women don’t see gambling as a means of income. Many women take to gambling to escape boredom, stress, and loneliness, which means based on psychological research, they don’t see it as a serious activity that could make them richer. 

Men tend to visit online casinos or other gambling sites more than women because they don’t mind spending money on entertainment. Apart from that, men are bold enough to take calculated risks that could change their lives. On the other hand, women don’t like taking such risks. Many men see it as a quick way of earning money, why some women consider it a waste of money. 

There is also an age difference in the categories of men and women that visit online gambling sites. Most women in this category are above 40 years, while the men who play real money games online are slightly above 40. 

Furthermore, culture and religious values prevent some women from gambling. They believe that gambling is a nefarious activity that is common among rogues. Apart from that, some religion forbids women from engaging in it.  


The more significant percentage of players who visit online gaming destinations are male. One of the reasons men gamble more than women is that they don’t shy away from taking a risk. Apart from that, they don’t see it as a fruitless activity; instead, they consider it a chance of earning. Non UK online casinos offer equal opportunity to both genders as they give both male and females access to juicy welcome bonuses, excellent customer support, and engaging games. 

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