Are There Any Non UK Land Casinos?

Gambling in the United Kingdom is legal. There are several online and offline casinos operating in the country. The UK commission regulates these gaming destinations. It is worth mentioning that the UK has one of the most entertaining casino industries worldwide as there are over 100 brick-and-mortar casinos in different parts of the country.  

Bear in mind that the UKGC regulates both land and online casinos. Some of the best land casinos in the United Kingdom include The Hippodrome Casino, Aspers Casino, The Takeaway, Crock fords Club, and hosts of others. According to the directives of the UKGC in 2020, all gambling sites operating in the country are instructed to join Gamstop and share details about restricted players. So, players who have their names on the Gamstop ban lists will have their accounts suspended on the UK-registered sites. The good news is that non UK gambling sites do not block this category of players. 

The situation is different for a land-based casino site in the United Kingdom. Their self-exclusion program is SENSE. This program has the same objective as Gamstop, but the method of blocking players is different. The scheme adopts entirely different options known as biometric facial recognition and Artificial Intelligence to prevent users from accessing land-based casinos in the UK. Like online betting where players can bypass Gamstop by visiting casinos not on Gamstop, gamers who intend to bypass the SENSE self-exclusion scheme will look for a non UK land casinos. In other words, they can visit a brick-and-mortar casino that does not partner with the scheme.  

A simple way to access a land casino without SENSE restriction is to visit gaming destinations outside the country. Other than that, it might be challenging to find an offline casino without this restriction program because it is easier to regulate land-based gambling sites.  

What are the Advantages of Land Casinos? 

Land casinos are also known as offline or brick-and-mortar casinos. Apart from being interactive and easy to access, they come with myriads of benefits. One of the advantages of land casinos is the game diversity. Apart from that, they offer a real-life casino experience. As mentioned early, these gaming destinations promote social interactions, allowing you to meet different categories of players, including people who are more experienced.

Non UK land-based casino does not restrict players as they do not partner with the SENSE restriction program. Apart from that, they are not bound by the UKGC’s stringent rules; therefore, players enjoy freedom when it comes to rewards, deposits, and cash-out limitations, among others.   

Demerits of Bricks and Mortal Casinos that you Should Know

The majority of players prefer online casinos because they offer a fascinating and rewarding gaming experience without the need to step out of their homes. Apart from that, casino sites are preferable to land-based gaming destinations when looking at gamers’ privacy. 


As mentioned earlier, players looking for a non UK land casinos need to consider gaming destinations outside the country. These brick-and-mortar casinos are independent of UK gambling laws and the self-exclusion scheme.

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