Are There Any Casinos that are Both on UK and off UK? 

The majority of the online casinos in the UK are not based in the country. In other words, they are offshore online casinos that accept brit players. Apart from the United Kingdom, these gambling sites are open to players from other countries, depending on their jurisdictions. In simple terms, many casino sites operate in the United Kingdom and other countries. 

Also, it will interest you to learn that many UKGC casino sites hold licenses from other jurisdictions, thereby allowing them to operate within and outside the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission regulates and monitors the activities of both casino and betting sites in the UK. Non UK casinos do not have a UK license; therefore, they are not subject to the rules of this commission.  

One of the UKGC directives is compulsory registration with the Gamstop program; it is a UK-based self-exclusion scheme organized for brit players willing to block themselves from UK-registered sites for a while. The procedure is simple; all a player needs to do is register with the scheme, and all their existing accounts on these platforms will be suspended. 

This scheme does not cover online casinos without UKGC licenses; therefore, they accept players looking for a way around this program. Casinos not on Gamstop offer players a safe and convenient option to bypass the scheme. 

Why does Online Casino Prefer to be both on UK and off UK? 

As mentioned earlier, most gambling sites operating in the United Kingdom are available in other countries. Online casinos obtain multiple licenses to expand their jurisdiction. In other words, they hold licenses from numerous commissions to legally offer their products to players from different countries. Some of the regulatory bodies that issue permits to these operators include Malta Gaming Authority, the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, etc. 

Why do gaming destinations prefer to operate within and outside the United Kingdom? One of the reasons is to have access to a large betting market. Having access to players in different countries will not only increase their customer base; it will also boost their revenues. The main essence of these gaming destinations is to make a profit; therefore, expanding their reach is a justifiable way of increasing their earnings.  

Apart from reaching players from different jurisdictions, it’s a way of enhancing their brand awareness. The online casino will be recognized in other countries instead of being known in one jurisdiction. Furthermore, it also boosts the reputation and integrity of a gaming destination because players will have more confidence and interest in websites with multiple licenses. 


A casino site can operate in the UK kingdom and other countries. The gambling site only needs to obtain relevant permits that will enable them to run legally in their jurisdiction. This comes with several advantages, including an increased customer base and revenues. Apart from that, it boosts their brand awareness and reputation. 

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